Friday, 9 May 2008

Inhabitants of Scattery Island (from the earliest recorded times to the 1940s)

A substantial work on the families of Scattery Island, Co. Clare has been added to the Donated Transcriptions (Family Histories) section of the library’s website. The work, Inhabitants of Scattery Island by Senan Scanlan, outlines the growth in population of Scattery Island from the middle of the 19th century until the last inhabitant left in 1986. It includes genealogical information and family trees of the main family groups, details on intermarriage, a transcription and plan of the island graveyard and outlines the life and occupations of the islanders.

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CAROL said...

An amazing amount of research, I have spent hours reading. My ancestors (Melicans) were one of the first inhabitants of the island. Sincere thanks to Senan for giving us the chance to read about the families using the internet. Just amazing !

Carol Sanders