Friday, 13 August 2010

Kindle bestsellers

Amazon's KindleSteig Larsson has become the first member of the Kindle million club, selling more than one-million paid-for e-books of his work on Amazon. All three books in Larsson’s Millenium trilogy are in the top bestselling Kindle books of all time. lists the Complete Works of William Shakespeare and the Works of P.G. Woodhouse among the top ten titles. Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol and Stephen King’s Under the Dome also feature on the list with Ben Goldacre’s Bad Science being the only non-fiction title on the top ten list. Amazon will launch an all-new Kindle on August 27th which it promises will be 21% smaller and 15% lighter than the current model. It will also have 20% faster page turns and double the storage (up to 3,500 books) of the existing reader. Amazon claims that the new product will have 50% better contrast than any other e-reader. Over 400,000 books are available to buy in the Kindle bookstore with a further one million free titles available.

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