Thursday, 16 June 2011

Spanish Point , County Clare, August 2010

"Spanish Point (Irish: Rinn na Spáinneach) is a village in the parish of Miltown Malbay in County Clare, Ireland, situated on the west coast of Ireland. The town is home to many holiday homes, and during the winter has a significantly smaller population. It is also one of the better surf breaks in County Clare. The name refers to the wrecking of some ships of the Spanish Armada off the coast. On the coast, 2.5 km from Miltown Malbay, Spanish Point was named after the unfortunate Spanish who died here in 1588, when many ships of the Spanish Armada were wrecked during stormy weather. Those who escaped from their sinking ships and made it safely to land were executed by Sir Turlough O'Brien of Liscannor and Boethius Clancy, High Sheriff of County Clare. The village is also the birthplace of a former President of Ireland, Dr Patrick Hillery." Posted on Youtube on the 12th of August 2010 by sliotharball.

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