Saturday, 24 December 2011

Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann, 1967, Kilrush

"Made in the town of Kilrush, Flea Ceoil captures the resurgence of interest in traditional Irish music in the 1960s when Irish folksingers like Dolly McMahon, who appears in the film were seen as part of a world-wide boom in folk music. Beautifully filmed by Bob Monks, Flea Ceoil is remarkable in its close attention to the small details that distinguish this vibrant musical community. The film was directed by Cork-born LouisMarcus, one of Ireland's most important and prolific documentary directors. It won a Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival and other prestigious awards in Russia, Spain and Belgium."

"An overview of the traditional Irish fleadh or fair, shot in Kilrush, Co. Clare, at a time of revitalised interest in traditional music. Included is an examination of this type of Irish music and how it affects people who come to hear it. An Irish-language cultural documentary report on the annual Flea Ceoil traditional music festival at Kilrush, County Clare, in 1967. Cinéma vérité portrait of a traditional music festival being held in Kilrush, Co. Clare in 1967."

"The 'Fleá' (say 'fla' as in 'flat') is a moveable feast of Ireland's traditional music that takes place every summer over a period of about five days in a specially selected Irish town. In 1967 it took place in Kilrush, County Clare. This film of the event by Louis Marcus won awards at a string of international film festivals. In this broadcast by TG4, Ireland's television service in the Irish language, the commentary by Niall Tóibín, the celebrated actor and broadcaster, is in Irish with subtitles in English." Posted on Youtube on the 21st of December 2011 by muisire.


saduic said...

In which year did Niall Toibin film the intoduction?

Clare County Library said...

I have no idea. The original commentary in English appears to have been done by Chris Curran.

saduic said...

Thanks for trying!

Unknown said...

Bhí Fleá Cheoil na hÉireann, 1967 a reáchtáileadh istigh i gCill Rois féin ar na fleáanna ab fhearr dá raibh riamh ann ó thaobh gach aon rud dhe.