Thursday 18 September 2014

Yvonne Casey, Eoin O'Neill, Willie Cummins and Christy McNamara in Brogan's, Ennis

"Yvonne Casey on fiddle, Eoin O'Neill on bouzouki, Willie Cummins on bodhrán and Christy McNamara on concertina. It gives a person the greatest pleasure to listen to tunes that someone has put their own interpretation on, however it is infinitely more pleasurable when you find someone who puts their soul into their tunes. It gives a depth and a gravitas that holds your attention. In truth it is a reminder that these tunes started somewhere deep in a person. Tunes can also be played with measured or cautious or even clumsy crafting but sometimes a musician can bring you back to the place where the tune was born... Yvonne is one of those people. Accompanied here by the very generous Eoin O'Neill; his backing allows Yvonne’s playing to soar... these few minutes are a treat... Willie's gentle and insightful bodhrán playing shows a deep respect for the tunes. Christy McNamara is seen following along on concertina taking a well earned break for a drink half way through. Every Wednesday in Brogan's in Ennis... no cover charge... sure where would you get it..." Posted on Youtube on the 31st of August 2014 by Alan Hilliard.

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