Thursday, 24 November 2011

Kilkee Moments project – animation

"Thanks to Laura Maye who kindly volunteered to create this fantastic video in support of our Kilkee Moments project. See & LIKE our Facebook page The Kilkee Moments project is in aid of the Kilkee Marine Rescue Service which is a voluntary emergency life-boat service that services the coastline from Spanish point to Loop Head." Posted on Youtube on the 7th of November 2011 by KilkeeMoments.

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Ancillary material said...

Our song about Kilkee “The diamond Rocks” has just been chosen for RTE’s main playlist for this week, 9th Jan 2012;

If you’d like the rest of the country to know about the beauty of Kilkee, please phone RTE and request it!

Incidentally, due to budgetary constraints, the video – soon to appear on youtube – was filmed in Muir Bay, California, as distinct from Moore Bay! Hope you like it, nevertheless


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