Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Aughty The Film

Aughty Region

Galway based film artists Tom Flanagan and Megs Morley are spending the next six months in the Sliabh Aughty region making a film about the community, the landscape and the culture of this unique rural region. The film is part of number of public art projects commissioned by Galway County Council, supported by Clare County Council and curated by Clare based lecturer and artist Dr Aine Phillips called Aughty Public Art Projects. Tom Flanagan and Megs Morley have been working together on short films for the last seven years, and this film project aims to be a feature length exploration of the Aughty Region and its hinterlands, spanning from Loughrea, Woodford, Tuamgraney, Crusheen, to Ardrahan, aiming to capture the unique landscape of the Aughty region and its impact on everyday life for the people that live there. They are calling on the people on both sides of the county borders living in the Aughty region to help them identify the key agricultural, environmental, cultural and community moments, events and dates over the next 6 months.
For example the artists are interested in filming traditional and modern farming methods eg. lambing, ploughing, planting etc. along with any key events like fairs or marts. Community examples might be local interest groups, sporting events, school events eg. concerts, religious events eg holy communion, weddings etc. Environmental examples might include documenting natural lifecycles of native plants and animals of the woods, lakes and mountains. Cultural examples might be traditional music, singing and stories that might be told at home with family or at the pub, and special celebrations. Tom and Megs are also very interested in the everyday, normal routines that take place in peoples lives in the area, so if you see a couple strolling around with cameras and equipment it will more than likely be them! So please stop and say hello to them! Likewise if you can offer any information big or small that could help the artists create this unique look at the Aughty region, please contact them on: 087 92020432 (Tom); 0879140131 (Megs) or at aughtythefilm@gmail.com

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