Friday, 18 February 2011

Historical Novel Promotion

Clare County Library has launched a new book promotion entitled Down Through the Pages. Featuring a selection of the best books in the historical fiction genre, the 31 novels cover the time periods from the Stone Age, through ancient Greece and Rome, Medieval and Renaissance times up until the mid 19th century. The genre features a diverse range of subgenres including medieval mysteries, regency romances, literary thrillers, nautical adventures, westerns, family sagas, multiperiod epics and many others and therefore should contain something to cater for everyone’s taste. The Italian poet and novelist Alessandro Manzoni said that the historical novelist is required to give ‘not just the bare bones of history, but something richer, more complete. In a way you want him to put the flesh back on the skeleton that is history’. This collection of historical fiction should appeal to all those devout fans out there as well as encouraging those as yet unfamiliar with the genre to try something new. Allow these novels to transport you back in time to “put the flesh back on the skeleton that is history”. The books and accompanying leaflets are available for borrowing at the DeValera Library in Ennis over the next three months, after which they will move on to the other branch libraries throughout the County.

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