Thursday, 6 October 2011

Scariff Poetry Group 2nd poetry exhibition

Scariff Poetry Group 2nd poetry exhibitionScariff Poetry Group is delighted to present its second poetry exhibition of the year, which opened at Scariff Public Library on Tuesday 4th Oct. The group meets every second Tuesday to discuss various themes, topics and poets. Earlier this year under Aileen’s direction the group produced an exhibition as part of the Iniscealtra Festival and it was very well received. The present exhibition consists of a mixture of poetry and art with members displaying between 5-10 poems and a piece of art related to their work (this ranges from pastel drawings, oil paintings, porcelain figurines, a flower display and even a musical audio piece with displayed lyrics). Eight members are displaying their work – each with an individual theme and concept. For example, one member, Maureen Devanney, displays her work themed “Crossing” with poems including “Borders” and “Journey”, “The Land Mine Years” and “Bethlehem”. A few years ago Maureen toured the Middle East and her experience there inspired her work for this project. Other group members displaying their work include Jinny Thomas whose display was inspired by her life on a farm; Michael O’Gorman whose writings have a paranormal theme; Deirdre Vallely who focuses on the life of a woman and the passage of time (she displays beautiful handmade figurines to accompany each poem); Eileen O’Shaughnessy whose pieces include “I am not Well” and an art piece displaying her empty medicine boxes; Aileen McDonagh who displays a set of 5 poems, each focusing on a different sense - sight, sight, touch, smell, taste and sound; and two more writers who would prefer to remain anonymous. Scariff Poetry Group, set up by Aileen McDonagh of Scariff Library, has been running successfully for almost three years and has a core attendance of approx 10 members. Passing tourists often attend also so there is a constant flow of new perspectives - and new members are always welcome!

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Peneleapaí said...

very impressive. I live locally, but was in Inis Oírr on retreat for the launch. Not having seen any photos of the event, i bouled into the gallery on my return. the mix'd media married with written word was perfect! ... so satisfying to include other dimensions of each author's creativity, thus adding to the eloquence again!
Maith sibh go léir!
Really lookin forward to future presentations from this group, which is obviously "without any borders".