Friday, 18 February 2011

Over 4,500 links added to Townland pages on website

4,719 links have been added to the townlands pages on the library website, providing links to the derivation, meaning and Irish translation of each townland from the Placenames Database of Ireland, and a link to a list of occupants, map and original page of Griffith's Valuation for each townland from Ask About Ireland. Clare County Library is grateful to Rainer Kosbi and the staffs of The Placenames Branch of the Department of Community, Equality and Gaeltacht Affairs and the Ask About Ireland website for their assistance with this project.


Unknown said...

What happened to townland Carhunacleragh in Parish Killilagh as given in Tithe Applotment. It does not appear on the 1842 map or in Griffith Valuation. Was the name changed or did it get combined or what? In any case, just where was it located in Killilagh Parish.

Thanks for any help, Andy Wegner, Wisconsin, USA

Unknown said...

Tithe Applotment lists a Townland Carhunacleragh in Parish Killilagh. It is not present in the 1842 map or in Griffith Valuation. I suppose name changed or it was combined. Could someone tell me specifically where it was located (within Parish Killilagh)? cheers, Andy Wegner, Wisconsin, USA

Clare County Library said...

The townlands in use today were established during the first Ordnance Survey of the early 1840s and were used for Griffiths Valuation. Those listed in the Tithe Applotments differ from these. There is a present-day Carrownycleary in Killilagh parish, see An older townland - Caronniclery - is shown in Petty’s maps [Link to ] of 1658, in the Barony Map of Corcomroe. It’s in the top right-hand corner of the map shown above. This townland is larger that the current one shown on the OS maps and appears to incorporate the present-day Carrownycleary, Cloghaun, and part of Oughtdarra townlands.

For a list of townlands named in the Tithe Applotments, and a guide to the townlands of Clare in general see