Friday, 27 January 2012

Clare Gmaps - new map system

Our new Clare GMaps are based on the Google Map system, allowing Google Maps and satellite views to be overlaid with historical maps of Clare from 1842. This new system uses many of the same controls as Google Maps, and we have linked it to the thousands of pages on the library website dealing with the archaeology, history and administrative divisions of County Clare. Before using the maps please read the Gmaps help page.

As a small example of what can be done with this new system, the first image below shows a satellite view of a part of Clare, while the second image shows the same area with the 1842 Ordnance Survey 6" map overlayed on it - and the slider control in the system allows you to regulate the opacity of the overlay.

The new system has already produced results for one researcher on the Clare Past Forum...
Click here for the maps:

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