Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Junior bookclub at Miltown Malbay Library

Junior bookclub at Miltown Malbay Library

The junior bookclub at the Hillery Public Library, Miltown Malbay, has been up and running successfully for the past four years. During this time the number of children attending the bookclub has grown considerably with approximately 15 - 20 children in the group at present. The bookclub meets on the 4th Friday of every month during the winter season. Children attending the club range in age from 8 – 12 years with a good mix of both girls and boys in the group. A wide variety of books has been read and discussed and many new friends have been made at these social occasions that double as opportunities to try out new reading material. Celebrations are held at special times of the year such as Easter, Halloween and Christmas. New members are always welcome.


FlynnS said...

OMG. I look so weird!!!!

Niamh waz ere said...

Hey guys :) just saw myself there with ramona and the other people at school. We were VERY interested in that book :) Ha HA