Friday 14 March 2008


FOTO was launched in August 2004 and is an online image database made available through Clare County Library’s website. To date it contains almost 9,000 images. In November 2007 FOTO was the winner in the Arts and Culture category of the Chambers Ireland Excellence in Local Government Awards. The collections in FOTO date from the beginning of the 20th century and cover topics like archaeology, architecture, railways, landscape, flora, postcards, mortuary cards, gravestones and people.
We need your help in putting names and dates to unidentified faces and places. You can pass on your information by clicking on the ‘Do you recognise these people’ and ‘Do you recognise these places’ links on each of the photographic collection pages. A large number of our website visitors have already submitted valuable information in this way.
You may download and print for free any images for which the library holds copyright.
Log on to, and click on FOTO.

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