Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Healthy Reading at the Library

Healthy ReadingClare County Library this week launched our latest book promotion – the “Healthy Reading” scheme. The aim of the scheme is to make high quality self-help books more accessible to families and adults experiencing mild to moderate emotional problems. The scheme has run successfully in the UK for some time and is now being introduced in some Irish Libraries. All families have questions or difficulties from time to time and many people develop emotional or psychological problems at some stage during their lives. Very few, however, will come in contact with a mental health professional or have access to the psychological treatments that have consistently been shown to be highly effective in treating depression, anxiety and other conditions. There's a growing belief among health professionals that self-help books can really assist with issues like depression, anorexia, bereavement etc. But they have to be good quality books. The books on this scheme have been specially selected and recommended by GPs, psychologists, counsellors, psychotherapists and other health professionals. The term used for delivering psychological therapy by means of books is “bibliotherapy” and the effectiveness of bibliotherapy has been well established in many clinical trials. The best books can produce results comparable to those of drug therapy or psychotherapy. In the UK bibliotherapy has been recommended by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE). It can be used as a stand alone intervention, for clients presenting with milder clinical problems, or in addition to prescribed medication or counselling, or as a waiting list intervention. A booklist covering various topics such as depression, bereavement, self esteem, anorexia, stress etc. has been compiled and is available, along with the recommended books, throughout the Library service in Clare. Why not drop in to your local library and find out more?

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Jane Galbraith said...

I read in your blog online about the Healthy Reading. I agree that many self help books help people.

I have written a book on grief - "Baby Boomers Face Grief - Survival and Recovery" and I do many speaking engagements on this subject. I have been humbled by the comments I have received by people - my goal has always been to change the way we handle this in our society. I know bereavement support is a valuable part of healing a loss. Although the book is aimed for the Baby boomers it is a general book about grief.

Part of the problem with grief is our society/culture will not allow people to talk about their feelings. It has been my pet peeve - hence the book. My background is a degree in nursing and 20 years working in the community health care system.

If you would like more info on the book you can find the introductory chapter and my bio etc at www.trafford.com/05-2319. It is available through myself (if you want it signed - receipt provided) and Amazon.com.

I hope that you might include my book on your list of resources for your clients.

Bravo to you pointing out the need for support during difficult times - best of luck.

Jane Galbraith