Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Painting of Ennis sold at Christie's

The marketplace and court-house, Ennis, Co. Clare by William Turner de LondIn 1979 a picture appeared in a school history book under the caption: ‘A crowded market place in a North Munster town. The Ennis-Cork mail car has just arrived.’ An Ennis resident, Mr Jack Ownes, identified the town in the painting as Ennis. The painting was signed by the artist W. Turner, also known as William Turner de Londe (Turner of London). The painting depicts the old courthouse in Ennis, which was situated in O’Connell Square. The courthouse in the painting was built in 1732, and designed by Francis Bindon. The painting shows the courthouse as it would have looked in 1820. Turner painted two pictures of Ennis Courthouse, both practically identical. The painting bought recently at Christie’s of London by an Ennis antique dealer was put up for sale by the Knight of Glin, Desmond Fitzgerald. The second painting is in London. Click here for more information...

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