Friday, 15 January 2010

Molly the Collie's new ride

Molly the Collie, the star of the video, belongs to Samantha Morrissey who works in Scariff Public Library in East Clare. Nearly two years ago Molly was hit by a car just outside her home, a cottage on Lough Derg. The vet wanted to put Molly to sleep but no, Samantha would not let that happen. The vet saw Molly in her trolley since and said he was wrong to want to put her down! Her first trolley was made by Eddie Dee from Gort from a child's buggy. This served her well for a year until it started to fall apart. Luckily, while out walking on the lakeshore in front of their cottage Sam and Molly met Eileen who was on holidays in the area from the U.S. Eileen could see Molly struggling with the bumps on the grass and said "That dog needs an off-road wheelchair". She bought Molly the best trolley in the world from Eddie's wheels in the U.S. which you can see in the video. Molly is an inspiration and loves to say hello to everyone on her walks. The first part of the video is set in in Dingle on the beach and the rest features walks around the cottage on Lough Derg in East Clare during the recent Big Chill. Posted on Youtube by jamspangle.

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Unknown said...

What a lovely story - Mollie is truly remarkable.
Lots of huggies for her