Friday, 17 September 2010

Lady Gregory Autumn Gathering at Coole Park

Lady GregoryThe 16th annual Lady Gregory Autumn Gathering runs from September 24th to 26th. The gathering will be opened by the writer’s great-great-grand-daughter, Julia Kennedy, with the novelist Jennifer Johnston giving the opening address. The event takes place at Coole Park, in Gort, Co Galway. Though her home there is long gone, its historic walled garden still has the "autograph tree" where Yeats, Shaw, O’Casey, Synge and George Moore carved their initials, marking Coole Park out as the centre of the Irish Literary Revival in the early 20th century. The gathering kicks off with a visit on Friday 24th to nearby Tulira Castle, home of the playwright Edward Martyn. A guided walk through Coole Park woods on Saturday will be followed by a documentary film about Lady Gregory and Coole Park. On Sunday there will be a visit to Doorus House where Gregory, Martyn and Yeats first met. For further details see

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