Monday 7 November 2011

Scan the ISBN on a book and see if Clare County Library has a copy

LibraryAnywhere’s new barcode scanning feature is available in both the iPhone (and iPod Touch, iPad, other iOS products) and Android apps for Library Anywhere. It lets you quickly scan the ISBN on a book and see if Clare County Library has a copy. So if you’re in a bookshop or in a friend’s house you can now easily check to see if Clare County Library has a copy of a book you’d like to read.

Here’s how:
Download the LibAnywhere App to your smartphone or other mobile device and open it. If the phone can determine your location the app should automatically detect that Clare County Library is your local library service. If the phone does not determine your location you can find Clare County Library by selecting Ireland, County Clare and Clare County Library. There are three dots in the top right hand corner of the App. Tap them and select “Scan a barcode” from the drop down menu. This opens a barcode scanner. Scan the ISBN code from the back cover of the book and it searches Clare County Library’s catalogue to see if the book is in the library’s bookstock. If it is it will give you details of the branches where the book is held and you will have the option to request a copy.

The Library Anywhere book scanner is unique in that it searches not just for the exact ISBN you give it, but for any other editions of that title that might be in the library. So you can scan a paperback book with the “now a major motion picture!” cover, and Library Anywhere will find the hardcover edition of the same title, if that’s what the library has.

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