Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Recession busting School Tour with Clare Museum

Clare Museum is launching “Recession busting School Tour of Ennis” in conjunction with local businesses. It is now possible to see Ennis on educational tour for less than €15 per person. The day begins with a FREE tour of the Clare Museum where children have the chance to learn about their local history and Irish culture with a guided tour of the museum. Age appropriate worksheets are provided and can be completed on the visit with other worksheets to be completed back in the classroom. A 'Teacher’s Pack' is also available allowing the continuation of the museum experience back in the classroom and there are online quizzes on our web site to increase computer skills for your children. This part of the tour takes 1hr- 1hr 30 min.

After the museum visit, there is a walking tour through the medieval streets of the town with Jane O’Brien of ‘Ennis Walking Tours. The tour is designed with children in mind and is filled with legends, mythology and ghost stories associated with town over a period of an hour. Participants can avail of a lunch deal at Supermac’s and the day concludes at ‘Ennis Leisure World’ where activities include bowling, quasar, astro-turf football and kiddies adventureland. The package is designed to market the town of Ennis to schools within the county and more particularly throughout Ireland. This package is available for primary classes from first to sixth classes and youth groups when booked through the museum. Click here for our opening hours and contact details...

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Donna OShaughnessy said...

Oh my heart aches for County Clare! My grandchildren would love this tour. I tell them often that :one day" I will take them to Ireland and I will. Your library does so much for the community. You should be proud