Monday, 12 March 2012

Map view URL extension - new feature added to GMaps

In Gmaps, Clare County Library's new online maps system, it's now possible with a simple copy-paste of the URL to add a link to a specific online library map showing that place with whatever layers one likes to choose, i.e. you can now pick up from the address bar an extended URL that allows you to re-open the map system with the current "map view".

A "map view" is defined by the (possible) following elements:
- (center) map position
- zoom level
- selected map
- selection of an overlay
- the overlay's opacity
- selection of the "roads" layer
- selections of place layers

A map view does NOT include,
- a search / browse selection
- the display of a search result
- the selection of a map marker
- the display in the right panel
- the "Places looked at" history

Here is an example of a map view link:!-9.01109Z16O6a6

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