Tuesday 11 September 2012

Property Registration Authority - new online service

TheProperty Registration Authority (PRA), which includes the Land Registry and the Registry of Deeds, is now offering online access to its services. For the first time, customers who wish to search the Authority’s maps, view its folios and request certified copies will be able to do so without having to open and maintain an account with the PRA. Access is via its website https://www.mypropertytitle.ie/praMap.aspx. There is no fee to view or search the maps - customers only incur a fee if they wish to view a folio that they have identified, or request a certified copy. The Register is a public register and anyone can view a folio on payment of the required fee. Payment of fees is by credit or debit card via a secure transaction system. Folios are viewable in Adobe PDF format and can be printed or saved by the customer. See also www.prai.ie

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