Tuesday 13 November 2012

Science week in Clare libraries

On Thursday the 15th of November at 10am in Ennis Library, and at 1.30pm in Shannon Library, an exciting Science Week Roadshow will promote the relevance of science in our everyday lives. With the assistance of Scientific Sue, audiences will learn that we are all a part of science and that we are constantly experimenting. Join Scientific Sue back in her wacky lab after her shopping trip and find out how she combines goodies from each of the shopping zones to explore forces, energy and energy changes, properties of materials and much, much more. Be amazed by the flying toilet roll, bemused by the exploding pig and wowed by Norbert, Sue’s very own fire breathing Dragon! The objective of Science Week each year is to promote the relevance of science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM) in our everyday lives and to demonstrate their importance to the future of Irish society and to the economy. This year’s theme, “Science Week 2012 – Everyday Experimenting” aims to demonstrate that you are a part of science. You are constantly experimenting. From tying your shoe lace, to attempting a new level on a game, trialling a new recipe and even embarking on a first date—these are everyday experiments. From the make-up we use, to the food that we eat, we make hundreds of choices each day in deciding how we will interact with the materials and people around us, shaping our own environment. Embrace and celebrate Science Week 2012 at Clare County Library and experience everyday experiments for yourself!

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