Friday 11 January 2013

Last Night As I Lay Dreaming - Robbie McMahon from Spancilhill

"Last Night As I Lay Dreaming explores the life and song of traditional singer Robbie McMahon from Spancilhill in Co.Clare who is credited with bringing the folk song 'Spancilhill' to a worldwide audience. The film documentary charts the huge contribution Robbie McMahon has made to the world of singing down through the years, both through his own compositions and his unique interpretation of traditional songs. Set against the backdrop of community life in rural Ireland, 'Last Night As I Lay Dreaming' features captivating performances from 'The King Of Spancilhill' himself along with contributions that set his achievements in a wider context, highlighting the important role the singer and songwriter has traditionally played in their local communities, recording significant events and keeping that memory alive for future generations." Posted on Youtube on the 23rd of December 2012 by bacaed07.

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