Friday 11 October 2013

New History of Corofin Parish

A new history of the Parish of Corofin was launched recently. The Parish of Corofin: A Historical Profile was written and published by well-known historian, Michael Mac Mahon. The modern Catholic Parish of Corofin provides the geographical basis for this excellent history. The parish includes the medieval parishes of Rathblathmac (Rath) and Killinaboy, whose respective patron saints – St Blathmac and St Iníon Bhaoith – are believed to have brought Christianity to the area. Michael’s history begins before that era with the pre-human landscape and the early settlers, examined through the extensive archaeological remains found in the area. Michael details the evolution of the Christian church from its establishment, through the monastic system to the 12th reform and the Reformation. The parish was the home of the two most powerful branches of the O’Brien family, the Barons of Inchiquin and the O’Briens of Leamaneh and Dromoland. The family’s residences and activities are examined as well as their impact on the region. There are also chapters on matters like farming and the oppression and revival of the Catholic Church. A section on the surprisingly varied educational establishments of the 19th century is fascinating. Corofin was the birthplace of the Terry Alts and the chapter on agrarian unrest is excellent, as is the following one on the Famine. The book brings us up the end of the 20th century, and a chapter on the customs, lore and legends of the parish concludes this valuable publication and displays the extent of the author’s interest and knowledge.

Michael Mac Mahon is a past vice-president and an honorary life member of the Clare Archaeological & Historical Society. He holds an MA in History & Local Studies from the University of Limerick and is a former member of the Heritage Council. He has written extensively on the history, folklore, literature and placenames of County Clare and has contributed many articles to ‘The Other Clare’ magazine over the years. Michael has also donated the following articles to Clare County Library's website:

The Abbey of Inisgad (Canons’ Island), Co. Clare.
Agrarian Conflict in Clare: 1815 – 1831.
The Charter of Clare Abbey and the Augustinian ‘Province’ in County Clare.
Clare’s Gaelic Bardic Tradition.
Customs, Lore and Legend of Other Clare Days.
Education in the Parish of Corofin.
From Clare to Van Diemen’s Land: Some forgotten Mothers of Tasmania.
From the Hindenburg Line to Rineen: Peter Vaughan, Toor, Lahinch, Co. Clare.
James Delargy and the Storymen of North Clare.
Naming the Land: Reflections on Co. Clare Place-Names.
Old Territorial Divisions & Land Measures.

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