Monday 28 July 2014

The Fall Of Man by Los Paddys de las Pampas

"Los Paddys de las Pampas is a musical group [based in County Clare] that explores Irish music as a form of identity and exchange in Ireland and South America. The group was formed in January 2012 and has 9 members and counting: Paddy Mulcahy, Tessa O Connor, Sean O Brien, Adam Shapiro and Paddy Egan, Eddy Guilloteau, Angelo Heart, Tommy Nelson and James Shepperd – many of whom play traditional Irish music in County Clare and some of whom have a background in ethno-musicology. The project started when Paddy Mulcahy and Tessa O Connor spent two months in Buenos Aires in early 2012 exploring Irish music playing there and forging links with the Irish community in the city. Video directed, filmed and edited by James Sheppard. Juanan Madrigal and Francesca Guarnieri (Assistant Camera). Thanks to the fantastic dancers and actors that brought the video to life: Irish dancers Adrea Kafonkova, and Lenka Hoffmannova. Flamenco dancer:Sonia Posada. Party dancers: Eve Bernier, Marta Perinat Gomez, Natalia Téllez, Pau Santolaria, Laura, Victoria and Peter Dooley." Posted on Youtube on the 20th of July 2014 by Los Paddys De Las Pampas.

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