Thursday 26 February 2015

'Bell Harbour Droneys' from The Clare Concerto - Dave Flynn & The Clare Memory Orchestra

"In November 2013 Dave Flynn & The Clare Memory Orchestra were joined by 50 'apprentice' musicians to create a 70 piece 'Memory' orchestra. They premiered Dave Flynn's hour long 'Clare Concerto' entirely from memory. The only person on stage with sheet music was the conductor Bjorn Bantock. (The few sheets viewable on the floor are one page set-­lists with no dots!). The orchestra featured some of the best Irish traditional, classical and jazz musicians around. Including multiple award winners and international soloists. Ranging from renowned Fiddlers like Martin Hayes, Brid Harper and Aoife Ní Bhriain to piper Mick O'Brien and four members of Ensemble Eriu (Jack Talty, Neil O'Loghlen, Matthew Berrill & Paddy Groenland). At the end of the 2nd Movement 'North Clare' when Clare concertina legend Chris Droney came on stage as special guest with his children Francis and Aine the age range on stage was from 11-88. Thus the orchestra featured some of the finest talent in Irish music from several generations.The music and the orchestra itself represent the past, present and future of Irish music. The instrumentation was unlike any orchestra ever assembled, mixing usual classical orchestra instruments with Irish folk instruments like Uilleann Pipes and Low Whistles and modern instruments like electric guitars. The orchestra also included ancient bronze age Celtic horns like the Loughnashade Trumpet and Carynx. The Clare Concerto was premiered in Glór, Ennis, Ireland and commissioned by the Arts Office of Clare County Council under the Per Cent for Art Scheme." Posted on Youtube on the 23rd of February 2015 by Dave Flynn & the Clare Memory Orchestra.

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