Friday 31 July 2015

T.J. Westropp and 1916 Rising Photographs

Anyone interested in County Clare antiquities will have come across the work of Thomas Johnson Westropp who surveyed, recorded and photographed many of the archaeological sites of the county.

Westropp also photographed Dublin in the immediate aftermath of the 1916 Rising. He concentrated on the devastation in O’Connell Street, taking some of the photographs from the top of Nelson’s Pillar. This week, Trinity Library featured these photographs in their blog on the Rising at

An album of Westropp’s photographs on Clare archaeology is available on Clare County Library’s website at as are many of his articles at

Clasp Press published a selection of his articles some years ago as Archaeology of the Burren: Prehistoric Forts and Dolmens in North Clare and also a collection of his essays on Clare Folklore.

Photos above shows T.J. Westropp and friend at Crevagh Wedge-tomb, Carron, County Clare.

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