Friday 22 April 2016

Limerick & Clare Education & Training Board Family Learning Project visits Clare Museum

Over the last few months the Clare Museum has been exploring partnerships with the various educational and training programmes provided by the Limerick & Clare Education & Training Board (LCETB) in Ennis.

Yesterday, one of these programmes - the Family Learning Project - visited the museum with their tutor. The programme comprises a wide range of courses to support parents / carers of children at different stages of learning. This visiting group has a special interest in sewing, so museum staff took the opportunity to show them tools and equipment on display that were used in Clare from the Neolithic to the Iron Age, to make and repair clothes.

It was also a good time to show some of the costumes from the Clare Embroidery School collection that was recently donated to Clare Museum. Museum staff were delighted that the tutor and students remembered an exhibition that was held at the museum on the Clare Embroidery School ten years ago.

It is intended to feature some of the remarkable items from the Clare Embroidery School in a future post.

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