Thursday, 3 July 2008

500th posting to Clare Past Forum

A milestone was reached recently with the 500th posting to the Clare Past Forum. The online forum service offers an online meeting place for Clare historians, genealogists and heritage enthusiasts. It already contains postings on a wide variety of subjects related to the county’s past - mainly in the 18th and 19th centuries - including reports of births, marriages and deaths; historical items on individual towns, villages and settlements in 19th century Clare; massacres and riots; agrarian troubles; books, reading lists and other sources of historical information; court proceedings; hangings, floggings, burnings at the stake and pilloryings; murders, assaults, duels and other miscellaneous violence; political meetings and upheavals; the famines; genealogical enquiries; donated information on members of the Clare diaspora in Australia, New Zealand and North America; archaeological findings; evictions; poisonings; maps and satellite views of Clare; polygamy; sales of land; prominent sons and daughters of Clare; the events of 1916-1925; emigration; passenger lists and passenger list indexes; Clare family photos; shipwrecks; graveyard transcriptions; names of Clare men in the American civil war; and so forth. However, members are free to post whatever they like as long as the topics are within the remit and rules of the forum. The chat on the forum is congenial and new members are very welcome.

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