Tuesday, 5 August 2008

The O’Brien Panda Legends series

O’Brien Press, Ireland’s biggest publisher of children’s books, has recently launched a novel and exciting collection of children’s legends. These are new tales, loosely based on Irish mythology, presented in a traditional style, which is perfect for parents who would like to introduce their children to legends and traditional stories. The books will remind parents of some of their own well-loved tales of long ago. The Henny Penny Tree by award-winning author Siobhan Parkinson tells the story of the family that lived under the mountain. Three girls, "Tall One", "Middling" and "Littlest" are presented with a gold, silver and copper coin by their Uncle Fergus. Predictably it’s Littlest who gets the copper coin, who benefits the most. These Purple Flag readers are geared for young readers of 5+ . They are ideal for children who reach the stage of wanting to read a real book on their own. Humourous line drawings on every page and lots of word repetition characteristic of O’Brien Pandas will help your children make their way through books on their own.Other titles in the O’Brien Panda Legends series include The Riddle and Finn’s Thumb by Felicity Hayes-McCoy

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