Monday, 18 August 2008

Polish Writing - available in English

The website is intended to serve as an index of Polish writing available in English, giving extracts of key works and providing an overview of polish literature, aiming to bring acclaimed works to a wider audience. One of the featured authors is Stefan Chwin, whose novel Death in Danzig reminded Michael Hofmann, writing in the Guardian, "a little of Rushdie and Grass (himself a native of Danzig, after all), and perhaps a little more of Sebald, in the way it deploys a damaged individual at a crux of history. Hanemann - also the title of the Polish original - is a coroner, who, as the book begins, in 1945, conducts autopsies for a living. Suffering a personal loss, he becomes depressed and indifferent, gives up his profession, and, unlike the rest of the German population of Danzig, doesn't flee as the Russians close in."

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