Friday, 5 September 2008

Penguin Dating – where book lovers meet

Penguin DatingPenguin Dating is a collaboration between Penguin Publishers and online dating agency which went live on August 22nd. The site allows readers to find the ‘significant other’ of their dreams through books by matching them up with others who share their favourite books and authors. Penguin hopes that the site will restore "the importance of the written word to modern courtship". Members will be asked to write in their profile about the last book they read and will also be able to search through the site’s other profiles for mentions of their favourite book. The site has attracted thousands of hits from readers looking for Mr or Ms Right. Hopeful suitors will be able to sign up to the Penguin dating service for free, but must subscribe to contact other people on the site. Sarah at Penguin Books says “Books most certainly do bring people closer together. There’s something special about that moment when you mention a book you love and the other person not only agrees wholeheartedly, but loves it for all the same reasons you do. Is it a sign you’re meant to be together? There are many, many signs along the road to true romance, but a shared love of reading and books is pretty high up there. And who knows, maybe it’s one of the rungs of the ladder on the way down from that proverbial shelf.” See

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