Friday, 17 October 2008

"John" - new book by Niall Williams

John, by Niall WilliamsNiall Williams, who lives in Kiltumper, Co. Clare has written a lyrical re-imagining of John the Apostle in the final years of his life. Now a frail, blind old man, John lives in exile on the desolate island of Patmos with a small group of his disciples. As he awaits the second coming, which he believes to be imminent, he goes over events distant in time but vividly present to his mind. Together the group has endured their banishment, but after years awaiting Christ’s return, fissures form within their faith. They wait for signs that never come. Their belief starts to turn into agonising doubt as they are ravaged by bewilderment and impatience. In John, Williams has taken a powerful look at faith and how it lives and dies in the hearts of men. John is published by Bloomsbury, 2008.

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