Friday, 24 October 2008

Language Centre at Clare County Library

The Shannon Language Centre, a joint initiative of the Shannon Town Commissioners and Clare County Library, offers access to modern language learning resources in a comfortable, private setting in the Seán Lemass Library, Shannon. Language learners have access to booths fitted out with cassette, compact disc, video and satellite television facilities. The Centre provides access to many modern languages, as well as various other languages including Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Thai. Learners can choose their preferred level - beginners, intermediate or advanced - and select appropriate material. The Centre caters for a wide cross-section of the community, including secondary and tertiary level students, holiday makers, adult learners, business people and professional linguists. The audio-visual resources of the Centre are backed up by a selection of print resources, including dictionaries, grammars, word lists and vocabularies. Contact: Sean Lemass Library, Shannon Town Centre, at 061 - 364266.

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