Monday, 5 January 2009

'Scéal Eile' photographic and sculptural installation

Scéal EileThe Courthouse Gallery in Ennistymon presents 'Scéal Eile'- the first solo show of London-based Clare artist Valerie Driscoll from the 10th to the 29th January, with the opening reception on Saturday the 10th of January at 4pm. According to Driscoll, 'Scéal Eile' is an exhibition of photographic and sculptural installation that tells the story, as a courthouse might, of something that is hidden. The daily engaging in the private domestic procosses is played out in the gallery as home. Driscoll explores the dichotemy between domestic realities and public display. Phrases such as 'behind closed doors' and 'airing dirty laundry',she says add to the ambiguity as well as to the curiosity. The inherent hardship, banality and private experience of the Irish domestic situtation is exposed and shown to be infused with hope. A series of photographs entitled 'A few things around my father's kitchen' is an intimate portrait that reveals a quirky and private universe. Driscoll uses object and image to reveal experienced as well as created environments. Driscoll worked as a teacher in London for 10 years. She recently gave up teaching to persue a career in photographic art. Driscoll has exhibited in London at the Sassoon Gallery and Nolias Gallery. She also showed work at Isaacs in Cork City during the European City of Culture.

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