Monday, 16 November 2009

The Lighthouse Keepers

A film by Katy G. Jones, completed Spring 2008.
Synopsis: "In 1919, Theresa Glanville was born in the lighthouse on Kilcredaun Point in County Clare, Ireland. In 2007, Theresa's granddaughter decided to visit the lighthouse. The film she made explores the ideas of family, place, immigration, and memory. She is a lighthouse keeper watching over her history, searching for identity in photographs and on the shore of the Shannon." Copyright Katy G. Jones

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Unknown said...

I'm Katie G. Jones. I found your blog and I'm so glad you found my film! It's been two years since I began making the film, and it brings me such joy to know you've found it and watched it. Please look at my other work here if you'd like:
Katie Glanville Jones