Tuesday 24 November 2009

Scariff Science Week 2009

Scariff Science Week 2009The Animal Magic Roadshow arrived at Scariff Library to celebrate Science Week 2009 on the 9th of November. Rosie Campbell was delighted to introduce her array of animal friends and to share her love of nature and wildlife with local school children. Performing two shows on the one day two groups of fifty children had the chance to drape a boa constrictor round their necks, “bravely” stroke a skunk, and hold a little owl and a turtle in their hands. Specifically designed to educate and entertain, the Animal Roadshow provided children from local schools with lots of new information about the animals they saw and got them thinking about the importance and necessity of treating animals with respect. Library staff thought Rosie Campbell was an excellent show facilitator and were impressed by how she managed both groups of children, incorporating quizzes into her informative talks. Her shows are educational and interactive with lots of hands on experience bringing nature to life.

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