Tuesday, 16 March 2010

National Inventory of Architectural Heritage (County Clare) Photo Collection

NIAH photo collectionRecently added to Clare County Library’s online photographic collection, this architectural survey, undertaken between 1992 and 1999 for the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage (NIAH), is a representative sample of structures of interest which illustrate the history and development of building in County Clare. It documents both the extraordinary and the commonplace buildings that exist throughout the county. This beautiful collection of photographs, taken in 2008, was kindly donated to Clare County Library by the NIAH, with permission to use text from its publication ‘An introduction to the architectural heritage of County Clare’ (2009) to accompany the photographs. The publication was written by Jane Fenlon and edited by Willy Cumming. The photographs were taken by Shannon Images. The original survey was carried out by Mairín Doddy, Colm Murray and Gerry Browner.

“Stone is omnipresent in the landscape of County Clare – towers, houses, abbeys and dry-stone walls are built of the grey limestone that covers large areas of its countryside. The county is particularly rich in early field monuments and ecclesiastical settlements both splendid and modest. There are remarkable structures such as the restored toll houses at D’Esterre’s Bridge, the Spectacle Bridge at Lisdoonvarna, and the great hydro-electrical complex at Ardnacrusha. No less important are the everyday urban developments, shopfronts and vernacular houses. Coastal defences, navigation aids and other marine buildings are features of the Shannon Estuary and Atlantic fringe. The character of the county towns vary from the bustling modern county town of Ennis with its medieval core of narrow streets and lanes, to the seaside resort of Kilkee and the spa at Lisdoonvarna." Taken from ‘An introduction to the architectural heritage of County Clare’ (2009) by Jane Fenlon, edited by Willy Cumming.

Click here for The National Inventory of Architectural Heritage (County Clare) photo collection.

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