Monday 25 March 2013

Careers for Teens – Shannon Library

Greg McGough from the Worksmart Project welcomed a transition Year group of 24 students from St. Patrick's Comprehensive School to Seán Lemass Public Library, Shannon, on Wednesday 20th March. Greg had the students on their feet immediately and encouraged them to shout as loud as they could because, as he said, they might never get to shout as loudly in a library again! When the group were seated again and wide awake after his ice-breaking exercise, Greg then went on to speak for over 90 minutes about how students can maximise their potential in school, college and in the workplace. Greg explained the 'Maverick' method of self-assessment that makes up the basis of the Worksmart Project and made his way through the different elements of the system including Motivation, Assessment, Visualise, Educate, Re-assess, Investigate, Cost vs Gain, Know Yourself. He had lots of excellent advice about making college and career choices and advised the group on the best ways to present themselves on a CV and in an interview situation. Greg delivered the Worksmart Project with a real honesty and enthusiasm and the students listened intently throughout. The talk was perfectly pitched at the Transition Year age-group and their stage at the cusp of the junior and senior cycles. Students, teachers and library staff were very impressed with the event.

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