Tuesday 19 March 2013

‘Continuum’, in the Gallery at Scariff Library

Erato, the Wood-Nymph Dryad is an arresting sculpture that is part of the current exhibition, ‘Continuum’, in The Gallery at Scariff Public Library. Patsy Preston, the artist, used tree-bark, shells, hemp rope and other found items in the making of the impressive figure. Patsy says “I like to play with materials and surface… to create a dialogue between the natural world, the viewer, and energy and pattern that exist in realms unseen.” Continuum is a group exhibition by thirteen recent art college graduates. The show displays work from their student days to the present. The works explore the reflective changes as they try to forge their own paths as artists outside of the influence and institution of college. The exhibition runs until April 2nd so come along to get a glimpse of this beautiful sculpture and the paintings at the library.

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