Thursday 8 August 2013

The Jaskane Café Trio at Shannon Library

The Seán Lemass Public Library in Shannon is the place to be on Saturday, 24th August at 11.30am when The Jaskane Café Trio, made up of Etain McCooey, Karen Kelly and Jason Noone, will showcase a unique blend of oboe, violin and guitar, while playing an eclectic mix of musical genres and evoking sounds of international café culture. Violinist Karen Kelly’s influences span from the simplicity of baroque string music to modern contemporary scores. Her performances include orchestral works, chamber music and lead violin for the much loved musicals. A former violin teacher, Karen has now established a career as a music therapist. Bringing her classical roots to the group, she shows a particular propensity for cafe style playing. Etain McCooey has developed a uniquely ‘Irish’ oboe style by combining her classical oboe training with her knowledge of Irish whistle style and technique. She plays with The Clare Memory Orchestra, works as a session musician countrywide and was commissioned to compose music for the Hidden History TV series. She displays the versatility of the oboe through the Jaskane Café Trio’s repertoire. Jason Noone is a guitarist and producer with a background in rock, blues and improvisation. He has performed throughout the country, teaches guitar skills and is a qualified music therapist. His sound complements the Trio’s melodic and harmonic tapestry while also diversifying with intricate solos and riffs. His guitar style provides the rhythmic underpinning of the Jaskane Café Trio’s distinctive sound.

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