Wednesday 26 March 2014

Flying Boat ‘Clare’ at Foynes, 1940

The Clare, BOAC'S Short S.30 Empire Flying Boat, moored at Foynes with Mexshell refueling boat beside it. The flying boat refuelled at Foynes on the 3rd August, 1940, under the command of Captain J.C. Kelly Rogers. This was the first passenger and mail flight from Foynes by BOAC. One of its three passengers was Colonel 'Wild' Bill Donovan, advisor to President Roosevelt. On 'Clare's' return journey through Foynes on 10th August, 1940, four of the six passengers were the first American civilian pilots to be recruited for the ferrying of military aircraft to Britain. 'Clare' crashed off Bathurst in September 1942. This and other photographs of Foynes Airport - and some of Shannon Airport - are now online in Foto, Clare County Library’s online photograph collection.

The photographs were collected and donated by Valerie Sweeney and Dúchas na Sionna. The complete story of Foynes Airport can be found online at Foynes Flying Boat and Maritime Museum.

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