Thursday 5 June 2014

Clare Genmaps - new feature: distribution of monuments and townlands mapped

In Clare Genmaps, our online maps system, you can now select categories of monuments, and townlands grouped by their civil parishes, and see their distribution throughout County Clare. In the Features tab, click on the arrow beside Monuments and select one or more category of monument. The map will then show the distribution throughout County Clare of that monument type. You can then click on any monument to be brought to its dedicated web page. You can also combine categories by holding down the Ctrl button and select multiple monument types to see their combined distribution.

The image above shows the distribution of cairns in County Clare. Click on the image to be brought to the appropriate map.

The same procedure can be done for the Townlands by Civil Parishes. Select a parish and the map will show the distribution of townlands within that parish. Click on any of these townlands to be brought to each townland’s dedicated web page.

The image above shows the areas of the townlands in Carran Parish. Click on the image to be brought to the appropriate map.
See the Clare Genmaps help page for more information...

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