Friday, 19 June 2009

Ulysses on Twitter

UlyssesTwo Ulysses enthusiasts, Ian Bogost from the Georgia Institute of Technology and colleague Ian McCarthy, have recreated a chapter from James Joyce's 1922 novel on Twitter in an attempt to use the site in a culturally interesting way. They chose chapter 10, Wandering Rock, which is famous for showing the interlocking events of 19 characters walking through central Dublin on their daily business. Bogost and McCarthy registered 54 of the novel's characters as Twitter users and adapted the chapter in a large series of 140-character-or-less first-person statements, using a specially created software to automate a performance. On June 16, Bloomsday, the day the action in the novel takes place in 1904, these characters all sent tweets about what they were doing at the correct fictional times

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