Friday, 28 August 2009

Google adds Irish language to its translation service

Google translation serviceGoogle has added Irish to its list of languages in its translation service. So we now have the whole of the library website (including the online forums and this blog) as Gaeilge! We've placed a link on the library website homepage (top right) and by clicking on that visitors can read the whole website in the Irish language. While the translation is not always perfect, it does seem to be pretty good. There is also a facility for people to offer corrections to the translation by placing the mouse on any part of a page - a pop-up box appears giving the original version in English and asking for a better translation of that word or sentence. So, if there are any gaelgóirí out there who would like to help in correcting the translation we would certainly appreciate such assistance. The Irish translation service from Google now joins the other languages we have already enabled. See our Website Translation page for more details. Click here for the Irish version of the website...

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