Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Rosie’s Walk

Rosie’s WalkRosie’s Walk, the iconic picture book by Pat Hutchins, is forty years old this year and its sharing with little ones is still an experience that no parent or grandparent should miss. The success of this classic is in its simplicity and the story has been reworked by many writers of children’s picture books over the years. Probably the most recent is the charming Look Out Suzy Goose by Petr Horáček. Little children will love the suspense as Rosie the hen enjoys her walk, totally oblivious to the stalking fox and the many hilarious traps he falls into as she leads him through the farmyard. The pictures say it all in this book which contains only thirty-two words in total, making it ideal for pre-schoolers and equally rewarding for early readers who can appreciate the hidden humour for themselves and read the short story. The most recent publication of Rosie’s Walk is a celebratory edition by Red Fox and comes sporting a gold badge announcing its 40th anniversary.

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