Friday, 23 October 2009

Digital Books - a selection from the Internet Archive

The Internet ArchiveThis new service offers a selection of Clare and Irish material from the Open-Access Text Archive of the Internet Archive, which contains over one million full-text scanned books in the public domain. The selection - of just over 500 titles - has been made using the Archive's own Open Library search features and includes books on the archaeology, art, history, language and literature of Clare and Ireland. The scanned books are presented in an intuitive, easily accessible format which seeks to replicate the actual experience of reading a book. You can 'turn' a page by clicking on it, and you can move to a new section of the book by clicking on its side. Each book is fully indexed also, and its contents are searchable by a search facility in a side panel to the right of the book. Many of these books are both scarce and valuable, and the whole Internet Archive project not only rescues long-forgotten books from oblivion but also makes it possible for instance to consult a 1904 edition of Dinneen's Irish Dictionary from the comfort of home, or enjoy the drawings of Clare-born artist William Mulready whose illustrations illuminated so many 19th Century publications. Click here for the Digital Books Service...

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