Thursday 23 August 2012

Micho Russell live in concert, Bad Oldesloe, Germany, 1993

"Homage to Micho Russell, with pictures from him in summer 1993 at his home in Doolin, a "Pure Irish Drops" concert in Bad Oldesloe, Germany, October 1993, and pictures from the fantastic landscape of the Burren. The tune Burrendreams is composed by Elonia, including the traditional 'The Little Isle'. All photographs are from Manfred B., who is also composer of Burrendreams." Posted on Youtube on the 20th of October 2009 by Elioniamusic.

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Donna OShaughnessy said...

I don't know which is better, hearing Micho speak or play. They are both so very beautiful. In December I'll be staying in Doolin for onw week. I am beyond excited