Tuesday 21 August 2012

Photographic Survey of Medieval Churches and Graveyards of Clare

We have recently launched a new collection on Foto, our online collection of photographs, which consists of a photographic record of the medieval churches of County Clare and their graveyards. The photographs are part of “A Church and Graveyard Survey in County Clare” carried out by archaeologist Simon Large for Clare County Council. The survey was an action under the Clare Heritage Plan and provides a clear picture of the state of County Clare’s medieval churches in 2011. The photographs record in detail the walls of each structure, inside and out – wherever possible – and show their overall condition as well as recording items of particular interest such as doorways, windows and other architectural features. The condition of any associated graveyards is also recorded. Over 500 photos have been added so far, with many more to follow, eventually covering all 170 medieval churches in Clare. Click here for the photos…

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