Monday 8 October 2012

Burren Winterage Weekend 2012

For thousands of years, Burren farmers have marked the end of summer by driving their cattle onto winter pastures in the limestone uplands. This tradition is known as Winterage and the Burren is one of the only places in the world where this unique practice still occurs. This pastoral tradition has shaped one of Ireland’s most fascinating and spectacularly beautiful landscapes. The Burren Winterage Weekend aims to celebrate not only the unique farming traditions of the Burren, but also to highlight, celebrate and support the broader significance of pastoral farming in shaping much of the Irish landscape. The Burren Winterage Weekend is a community led event that will take place on the Samhain weekend (October 26th-28th) in various locations across the Burren region. . It will encompass demonstrations, displays, cultural events, family events, informative talks and guided walks. The Burren Winterage Weekend is a community led event coordinated under The Burren Community Charter. The Burren Community Charter was developed as a result of the need for an integrated and strategic approach to meeting the needs of the Burren’s landscape, heritage and communities. Funded by the Heritage Council and with support of the Heritage Officers from Clare and Galway, the charter is managed by four Burren organisations; The Burrenbeo Trust, The Burren Farming For Conservation Programme, The Burren Geopark Project and Burren IFA. See

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